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August 14 (Friday)

Iowa City Public Library Room A
3:30 Auction Insider: The John Zimmer Collection *
      with Black Hawk’s Final Resting Place *
      and short film  Lennis Moore: Woodcut Print Artist
5:15 Truth Has Fallen
       with short film Standing Water
7:00 The David Dance *
      with short film Tom in America

The Englert Theatre
6:30 Mount Lawrence *
8:30 Listening
10:30 The Grace of Jake

August 15 (Saturday)

Iowa City Public Library Room A
10:45 Saturday Morning Cartoons! Animation Shorts (ages 12+)
12:30 Student Showcase (selection of 7 short films) *
2:00 Of Minor Prophets *
      with short film Any Kid Anywhere: Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories *
4:15 unmappable
5:00 Stage Four: A Love Story *
       with short film It Hit Upon the Roof

The Englert Theatre
12:45 Dramatic Shorts Block (selection of short films) *
3:30 Comedy Shorts (selection of short films) *
       Proceeds of this screening go to Hardacre Theater Preservation Association
5:45 Wildlike
8:00 Movie Star: The Secret Lives of Jean Seberg *
10:15 Bloodsucking Bastards

August 16 (Sunday)

Iowa City Public Library Room A
12:15 The Gospel According to Charlie *
1:45 Eat White Dirt *
        with short film The Silly Bastard Next to the Bed
3:00 Sons of Jacob Synagogue *
4:30 Girl on the Edge
        with short film Charlotte

*filmmakers will be in attendance

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Note: The schedule may be changed without notice, although we strive not to do that.


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