Filmmaker Magazine

MovieMaker Magazine

It Is Geek To Me (film reviews)

Produce Iowa

Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB)

IMDB's list of film festivals

IMDB's list of film schools

Bijou Theater (University of Iowa)

Independent Feature Project (IFP)

International Documentary Association (IDA)

Danish Film Institute

Beofilm - Danish distributor

The Animation Workshop

Promofest - Spanish distributor

Iowa Scriptwriters Alliance

Writers Guild of America, West

Iowa Motion Picture Association

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences

PA Training Seminar LLC

Directors Guild of America

The Digital Video Information Network

Film Editors Guild

IndieWire - independent film news

Millimeter - commercial movie news

PATV - Iowa City's public access channel

City Channel 4 - Iowa City channel

Landlocked Films LLC

This is an entirely separate entity from Landlocked Film Festival. It's a video production company based in Boulder, Colorado. While the festival is not associated with the production company, we applaud the company as a creator of independent video addressing a variety of fascinating topics. Check out their site!

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